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Decked - Truck Bed Storage

Drawer Features


Impervious to extreme UV light and temperatures. Born for harsh environments.

Steel Subframe

Galvanized steel skeleton in-molded to HDPE = Unmatched strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1.

Fits Like A Glove

Custom shaped to fit your bed. No loss of usable space.

Ammo Can Storage

Extra compartments by the wheel-wells to maximize your storage options.


So easy to operate, even a bear could do it... with gloves on.


Urethane, sealed bearing drawer wheels. Roll. Like. Butter.

Ruler & Battle Opener

Handy fine finishes because we care. Treated with robust corrosion inhibitors.

Zero To Minimal Drilling

J-hooks attach to bed tie downs. Easy to assemble, install or remove.

Recycled Materials

Made from 100% recycled HDPE and recycled American Steel.

End the Junk show in your Rig!

  • ORGANIZED. Full-bed length drawers provide segmented organization.

  • 2000 LB PAYLOAD. Haul heavy, bulky cargo on top of the deck.

  • WEATHERPROOF. Drawer contents are protected from the elements.

  • SECURE. DECKED's two full bed-length drawers keep your tools and gear secure.