Cattle Curtain

There's Never Been An Easier Way To Apply Disease-Preventing Insecticides Than With The New Cattle Curtain

The Cattle Curtain is a non-mechanical device for applying insecticide to livestock. It uses a wicking action to concentrate insecticide in the rope. The Cattle Curtain should be positioned to hang in a gate or alley and the insecticide is wiped on animals as they pass through the curtain. Simply fill the tube with insecticide and the Cattle Curtain will do the rest!

The ultimate weapon in the fight against pinkeye, the Cattle Curtain repels face flies that spread pinkeye. The Cattle Curtain puts insecticide on the livestock’s face, forming a barrier against face flies.

Simplicity Is The Key To The Cattle Curtain's Success

The Cattle Curtain works by hanging the unit above a access way in which your cattle walk. The unit is filled with approximately 4 gallons of a blended solution, typically a low viscosity oil such as mineral oil and a insecticide of your choosing.

Each Cattle Curtain has 14 hanging wicks which are saturated with the blended solution from the overhead reservoir. Cattle from cows, steers, calves to bulls are easily and effectively treated each time they pass through the access way. Unlike other rubs on the market, the Cattle Curtain will treat animals of all heights including calves and will treat the face, body and legs, not just the back region.

Insecticide is applied to over 80% of the body

The Cattle Curtain Is 100% Made In The USA

The design has been in operation across thousands of farms with many years of proven success and has been improved and refined to the product it is today. With the Cattle Curtain you know you are getting a proven product which will last well in the harsh farming environment.

• Low complexity ensures high reliability
• Insecticide is applied to over 80% of the body
• Will not be torn down or jumped
• Insecticide is protected from the elements
• Treats all sizes of cattle
• Simple to install and maintain
• Valve allows wicking speed to be controlled
• Durable, long-lasting construction
• 48 inches long, 4 inches in diameter
• Holds approximately 4 gallons of insecticide

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