Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner - Culvert Clog Removal

Attaches Easily To Your Track-hoe Or Back-hoe Bucket

Clean culverts quickly and easily with the NEW Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner. Unique sweeping scoop paddles expand open when pulling debris and rocks from culverts as small as 12" in diameter and over 36" in diameter. Rocks and debris larger than 2' diameter and over 150 lbs. are no match for the Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner. Specifically designed to tackle the most difficult clogs, especially under low water bridges, concrete or steel culverts, beaver dams and irrigation culverts. Lifting force can even be used to straighten and repair crushed steel culverts.

Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner - Quickly and easily remove rocks and debris from clogged culverts

Attaches Quickly – Works Fast

Attach the Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner into the bucket of your track-hoe or back-hoe with a chain for easy installation and simply push into clogged culvert to remove debris. It’s that easy—and quick!

Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner - Before Clog Removal Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner - After Clog Removal

Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started Clearing Culverts

Consists of an extender for especially deep culverts and bridge, plus metal culvert repair extension. Comes with three sets of scoop paddles (4 each) plus attaching chain and come-along. A lighter-weight bucket brace for smaller buckets or mini excavators and less demanding jobs is available as an option.

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Battle Armor Culvert Cleaner - Comes with everything you need to get started clearing culverts